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We deal in a wide variety of agricultural products & Indian spices exporting to countries like: 

Bangladesh, Indonesia, Myanmar, Mexico, Thailand, China, Sri Lanka, USA,

Africa, Singapore, Australia, Russia, Turkey

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Dry Red Chillies are widely used in many countries of the world as a key spice. There are numerous varieties of Dry Red Chillies - each holding a distinctive pungency, taste & color. They have different varieties namely:  

- S17 variety of Dry Red Chillies, better known as Teja, is famous for its high pungency. With the score of 85,000 Scoville Heat Unit (SHU), S17 is best suited for Oleresin, Pastes, Sauces & Soups across the globe (both whole & in powder forms).

- S4 is another variety which is used for its color and low pungency. The SHU of S4 is around 30,000. It is widely used for color extraction.

- We also supply IPM services especially Dry Red Chillies in Organic segment and pizza cut (dry red chilli flakes) for European Markets & also for the USA Markets as per FDA norms. 



Since centuries, Turmeric has been widely used in Traditional Indian Dishes, for its anti inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. The myriad health benefits of Turmeric makes it a principal ingredient of Indian curry. It is also used a dye in the textile industry and for preparation of medicinal oils, ointments, and cosmetics. It is blood purifier, antiseptic and highly beneficial in treatment of many health conditions from cancer to Alzheimer's.


We supply Turmeric in whole (Finger & Bulb) & in Powder form. 

Cumin Seeds.png


The oblong, brown colored cumin seed, also known as Jeera, is one of the most popular spices in the world, thanks to its distinctive aroma & normally bitter flavour. The cumin seeds offered by us are popular due to its long shelf life and aroma. It is also a rich source of iron and hence very beneificial for anemics as well as lactating mothers and pregnant woman.

This ancient spice is popular in the cuisines of India, Mexico, North Africa, Western China & the Middle East.



Groundnut is a species that falls in legume family & is known by different names in different parts of world. This high protein commodity is mainly grown for its oil content.


India being the second largest producer, has different varieties & counts produced in various parts of India. The groundnut crop is available throughout the year due to two crop cycle harvested in March & October.



Rice is the most widely consumed staple food for a large part of world's human population. It is the most important food grain for human nutrition and caloric intake. Rice provides more than one fifth of the calories consumed by human beings throughout the world.

Our Range of Rice:

  • Raw Rice - 5% or 20% or 25% broken or 100% broken

  • Parboiled Rice - 5% or 20% or 25% broken

  • IR64 Raw or Parboiled Rice



Sugar is the most important sweetener throughout the world. Sugarcane juice is processed into granulated crystals of sugar. We deal in white crystal sugar.

Our Range of Sugar:

  • S-30 variety

  • S-31 variety

  • M-30 variety

  • L-grade sugar

Dry Red Chillies
Cumin Seeds
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